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Figuring Out Online Casino Bonuses

Online casinos are constantly offering special promotions, from new games to generous bonuses. In order for players to get the most out of any sort of promotional deal, they must understand what the differences are between different kinds of online casino bonuses and the conditions usually attached to them.

Cashable Versus Sticky Bonuses

Most online casino bonuses can be classified as either cashable or sticky bonuses. Cashable bonuses are available for withdrawal if players meet certain conditions, while sticky bonuses can never be withdrawn as cash under any circumstances. While it may seem like cashable bonuses are preferable, the conditions placed on them may make them much less desirable than sticky bonuses. No matter what, if players use the bonuses to play games within the casino, any winnings earned as a result can be withdrawn as cash.

Evaluating Bonuses

In order to determine whether online casino bonuses are actually worth it, players should always read the fine print and evaluate the exact conditions on the bonuses. Some cashable bonuses may seem incredibly generous, but they may require players to wager as much as ten times the original amount in order to withdraw any of it as cash. Sticky bonuses may be only used to play games, but those games are essentially free, and any winnings that come out of them belong to the player immediately.

Very few online casinos are willing to give away cash with no strings attached. If players are able to find online casino bonuses with no readily apparent conditions, they should be aware that there may be some conditions waiting down the road.