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Video Poker Machines Overview

Poker in general has increased in popularity over the last few years due to media coverage and televised events. Because of this, it is becoming easier and easier to find video poker machines in just about any casino establishment.

What is a Video Poker Machine?

Video poker is a digital version of any number of poker game variations, and it is played on machines that have the look and feel of everyday slot machines. Both standard five- and seven-card stud games can be found on video poker machines, as well as the ever-famous Texas Hold 'Em. Players are simply required to read the rules of the game, insert the desired amount of coins--or digital card in some establishments--and press the deal button. They then select which cards to hold and which to discard in favor of new cards and are paid out according to the results.

Video Poker Odds and Pay Scale

Some video poker games have the best odds of nearly any casino game out there, and this only adds to their popularity. One casino that offers the best odds is video poker . Games that pay players for hands as low as high card are extremely popular, but many machines only pay out if a player gets a hand of tens or better. Since the house does not take a commission on winning video poker bets, the pay scales for different poker variations are adjusted accordingly. The highest hand a player can hope to achieve in video poker is the royal flush, but the jackpot can only be won if the player gets a royal flush on a maximum bet.

Video poker machines vary greatly in their style, size, and shape, but one thing remains the same in all machines--they are one of any casino's most popular attractions. Video poker is a great single-player alternative to most poker variations.